Adventure Travel – Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is full of life from the cities with people to the mountains with wildlife. If you find a road less traveled sometimes what you will find will amaze you. The area has four distinct seasons so plan your trip in the season with the temperature you most enjoy. Discover the beauty of hardwood forest and the rage of the rivers.

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon was created by nature by a glacier as was its counter part in Arizona. The gorge is breathtakingly beautiful and a hikers paradise. You can observe eagles swooping through the gorge and hike through hardwood forest. You can hike from rim to rim and the adventure will stick in your memory for life.

If a canoe adventure is your way getting away from it all. The Clarion River above Piney Reservoir is where you will find eagles, otters, osprey and bears. The river is well used in this area and still beautiful and full of life. The water levels here may not be high enough for a canoe trip to the dam during all seasons so be sure and check on the water levels before heading down river.

You can drop your canoe in after Piney Reservoir and the water levels will not be a problem. Due to acidic tributaries running into the river the wild life is not as abundant the area is still beautiful. Looking for a place to check out some wildlife for a few hours? Evansburg State Park offers up scenic hiking trails the woods here have both northern and southern hardwood and abundance of wild life and picnic tables.


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